Anders Nilsen***

Contact: Mary Levitan
T: 604.630.3199

Anders Nilsen was born on the 23rd of June, 1988, and is a Norwegian comedian and writer. He spent his teen years playing in bands with no notable success, and later on got interested in comedy.

In the summer of 2012 he moved to the capital of Norway (Oslo), to try his luck in the entertainment business.

While working as a night watch man at a hotel, Anders and his friends produced comedy music videos, skits, music festival reports and more. At the start of 2014, one of Anders’ friends got his own web show at NRK (Norwegian public service broadcasting) and Anders was hired to write and act in the skits for the show. Anders is currently in the writing phase of a new Christmas series that also will air on NRK this December, and is doing a lot of on screen TV work in the fall of 2014. His ambition is to quote “make a living off of goofing around with his friends.”

Anders is also in the cast of the Norwegian comedy TV-show “Torsdagskveld fra Nydalen” on TV” this fall. The concept of this show is similar to the American “Saturday Night Live”.

The song Salsa Tequila was conceived from the idea of making the ultimate summer-hit song, and according to Anders this son needed the following ingredients: accordion, saxophone and – Spanish lyrics! The result speaks of itself – the song is so far #1 on the Norwegian charts as well as in Holland, while climbing in various other countries. As of end og July it has 3,5 million streams on YouTube and 6 million streams on Spotify.