Contact: David Meszaros

The story of Fieh has many possible starting points. Here are three.

The first starting point was in 2011, when Sofie Tollefsbøl got a midi-keyboard for Christmas. She sat down and tried to figure out how to get a certain synth sound she had heard on “Undun” by The Roots. Several experiments later, Sofie began releasing songs on Soundcloud and NRK Urørt under the pseudonym “Fieh”. The name stuck when Urørt made one of her songs track of the week.

Another starting point took place at Dølajazz festival in Autumn 2014. The band Sleeping Deep were performing, and asked Sofie to join them for some songs. The performance was such a success that drummer Ola Øverby and bass player Andreas Rukan, knew they would soon become an entity with Fieh.

Another starting point was that Sofie Tollefsbøl, Rukan and Ola Øverby studied music together with Solveig Wang and Thea Arnesdotter Lien at Gjøvik High School. They all knew each other well. When the two singers joined the line up, it felt like there was an old gang of friends onstage, consisting of people who had discovered music together and encouraged each other to become musicians.

Lastly, several of the friends ended up at the Norwegian Academy of Music, where they met guitar player Jørgen Kasbo and his trumpeter friend Lyder Øvreås Røed. The two had fallen in love with the same kind of groove-based music that Fieh played, so they were a natural fit. When keyboardist Edvard Synnes joined, the band was complete.

So Fieh is a bunch of different things at once: a distinctive singer and songwriter, an ambitious ensemble made out of some of the best young practitioners of this kind of music in Norway, and a gang of old friends who’ve known each other since they started taking music seriously.

They are a truly three dimensional live act which feels like one big social event; true star quality, surrounded by myriads of musicality and a stage packed with sonic and visual details where the audience can wander freely. Bass player Andreas has a simple way of describing the live show: “Everyone on stage does the things they enjoy most”. Having played festivals at Piknik i Parken, Dølajazz, Bylarm and Nattjazz, Fieh are set to make an impression on the audiences of festivals like Øya, Slottsfjell, Vinjerock, Træna and Moldejazz this year.

Fieh have also thrown themselves into the studio process with an adventurous attitude with producer and engineer Christian Engfelt, who has worked on a large number of the best Norwegian recordings during recent years. His work is characterized by fingerspitzgefühl and a sense of detail, combined with a willingness to take a recording session as far as the band or artist can imagine.

“Glu” turned heads immediately when Bergen label Vibbefanger released it in Autumn 2017, which gained support on a number of different Spotify playlists. A huge highlight was when Elton John on his “Rocket Hour”, played the song and waxed about how much he admires the band. In February 2018, second single “25” explored slightly different moods and soundscapes and the band are working towards an EP. With Fieh, you sense genuine, euphoric surprise over their results, combined with a certainty that none of this is a coincidence and that all of these adventures can be recreated and embellished on stage.