Elvis Costello – ” For Our Younger Readers”

World Premiere of Rabbit Ears’ Newest Title TOM THUMB Set for March 20, 2011 at International Family Film Festival

Narrated by John Cleese with Music by Elvis Costello

A new version of the classic children’s story, “Tom Thumb,” told by John Cleese with original music by Elvis Costello, will have its world premiere Sunday, March 20, 2011 during the International Family Film Festival at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.  This is the first new Rabbit Ears title released in more than a decade.

“Tom Thumb” is the story of Tiny Tom, no larger than his father’s thumb, who embarks on a series of fantastical adventures that lead him to King Arthur’s court. After saving King Arthur from the clutches of an evil sorcerer he becomes a member of the Knights of the Round Table, and the darling of Queen Guinevere. The tale is narrated hilariously by John Cleese, with music composed and produced by Elvis Costello and illustrations by Tim Gabor. This rollicking story, written by Brad Kessler and directed by Chris Campbell, is produced in hi-def with a digitally recorded soundtrack. Following the premiere it will be available as a DVD or digital download through Rabbit Ears Entertainment’s ecommerce site http://www.rabbitears.com Targeted for ages 5 and up, the story uses gentle dissolve animation and humor, the signature style of the award-winning Rabbit Ears series of timeless children’s tales.  More…