Effective immediately, Christi Thompson joins Macklam Feldman Management (MFM) as an Artist Manager.  Thompson currently manages Xavier Rudd, who joins the MFM roster under Thompson’s division, Thompson Management, a division of Macklam Feldman Management.

Sam Feldman says, “Christi’s experience in management, label and publicity makes her a welcome addition to the team at MFM.  It’s an added bonus that she brings the exceptional Australian artist Xavier Rudd to our roster. ”

Enthuses Steve Macklam, “We’ve had the pleasure of watching Christi grow Thompson Management over the years and her continued success with Xavier speaks for itself.  We are thrilled Christi is joining the MFM team.”

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“Elvis Costello in a gem of a show at the Pageant” Daniel Durchholz: July 3rd, 2011

Costello interpolated songs like Sonny Boy Williamson’s “Help Me,” and Them’s “I Can Only Give You Everything” into his own tunes, creating something new along the way. The technique was never more effective than when he began Bob Dylan and the Band’s apocalyptic “This Wheel’s on Fire,” then moved into his own impassioned post-Katrina plea for New Orleans, “The River in Reverse.”
It was a powerful but sobering moment in a concert that otherwise offered nearly three hours of hilarity, musicality and unabated joy.

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Elvis Costello – “Pat Sajak Impersonations And A Little Sexy Swiveling?”

Riverfront Times: Christian Schaeffer: July 2nd, 2011

“As Costello and his crew left the stage, drummer Pete Thomas gave an errant spin of the wheel as the house lights came on. It landed on “I Want You,” almost certainly Costello’s darkest song of violent lust and barely contained sexual rage. Fitting, then, that after a night of excess, the wheel leaves us with a message about insatiable desire. The crowd certainly would have stuck around for one more song, or twenty, but Costello understands that showbiz adage: Always leaving them wanting more”

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Elvis Costello – “We certainly understand the logic of only allowing pretty girls to get up there”

The Larryville Chronicles: July 1st, 2011

“I especially dug the second-encore jamboree with the Southern sisters from the opening act, who added some sweet pedal steel to ‘Sulphur to Sugarcane’ with Costello vamping it up to lyrics like ‘I gave up married women cause I heard it was a sin / Now I’m back in Kansas City I might take em up again.” Who doesn’t love when singers include the name of the city they’re in!”.”

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Elvis Costello – “Minus The Pickle Juice”

ReviewSTL: Allison: July 1st, 2011

“He selected a preteen who excitedly danced her way onto the stage and spun “Bedlam” as the next song. She jived first in an on-stage lounge and later in the go-go dancer’s cage as the band performed a version that had been slightly slowed down and jazzed up since its release on 2004′s The Delivery Man.”

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Elvis Costello – “Like A Phoenix, Touched For The Very First Time”

The Pitch: David Hudnall: July 1st, 2011

Down in front, a night’s convention of happily married couples chicken-danced to devilish and desperate songs about the hells of divorce and infidelity. “I Want You,” turned the stage lights blood red. In this trial-like song that throws a cheating heart and its victim through an incinerator, he wrenched and wailed some of his sickest lyrics three times over: Did you call his name out as he held you down? The irony was rich, jolly and irreproducible.

Then he sang the lines of the once-TV-banned “Radio, Radio.” I wanna bite the hand that feeds me / I wanna bite that hand so badly / I wanna make them wish they’d never seen me. In this bizarre world, Costello’s conquest of America turns the would-be gimmick of the Revolver Tour into a rising phoenix…

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James Taylor – “He’s got a friend (four, actually) singing on tour”

Sarah Rodman, / June 26, 2011

“You’re in the living room, but if you take two steps this way, you’re in the kitchen,’’ says Andrea Zonn with a smile.

Zonn is gamely giving a visitor the nickel tour of the cozy confines of the tour bus that she’s been living on for the past few months as part of James Taylor’s backup band.

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Elvis Costello – “Steve Nieve Is Completely Well”

“We are pleased to announce that Steve Nieve is completely well, having experienced a severe muscle spasm during the Spectacular Spinning Songbook show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The episode forced Mr. Nieve from the stage after two stellar piano performances of the songs “Black Sails In The Sunset” and “Talking In The Dark”. Thankfully, he is now completely recovered and “The Revolver Tour” will next play the State Theatre in Minneapolis on Wednesday the 29th of June.

“On the eve of the Grand Rapids show, an impromptu decision was made to incorporate the Spectacular Spinning Songbook in the appearance at Meijer Gardens, a beautiful setting not originally thought to be suitable for the presentation, as shows there take place in both broad daylight and are completely open to the elements. Although forecast bad weather did not make an appearance, the show took a rather unexpectedly dramatic turn after about 55 minutes when Mr. Nieve was suddenly unable to continue.  More…

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Elvis Costello – “Wah-Wah”

Buffalo News: Jeff Miers: 26th June, 2011

“During a brisk-tempoed take on “Turpentine,” keyboardist Nieve played theremin, and set the stage for a lengthy guitar solo from Costello, who seemed to be fully partaking of the pleasures afforded by an abused wah-wah pedal. He blew another killer solo during an inspired reading of “Clubland,” added significant guitar grit and muscle to the previously clean and neat “Beyond Belief,” and simply burned through a punk-fueled “Stella Hurt.”

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“Step right up, folks, for the amazing Elvis Costello”

The Globe And Mail: Brad Wheeler: 24th June, 2011

To a theatre full of people who adored him, Elvis Costello reflected their good taste and justified their fandom. The big, illuminated and colourful wheel that dominated stage right was the Spectacular Spinning Songbook, a gaudy gyrating résumé for the amazing singing Elvis. “Round and round it goes,” he said like a dandy carnival barker more than once, “where it stops, nobody knows.”

One could say the same thing about Costello, an untiring artist whose remarkableness and charm were in plain sight and pleasing earshot for two hours and more. It was a merry, rocking event, enjoyed by the Cole Porter-loving post-punk onstage and surely everyone else in the building – with non-stop highlights.

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