“Costello & Imposters Spin Real Fun Show” Jane Stevenson: 24th June, 2011

“Whether he realizes it or not, he is cool, talented, charming and often quite sexy, whether he’s crooning a ballad or rocking out intensely.”


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“Storm Large Joins Pink Martini in Europe for “The Symphonique Tour””

Due to China Forbes’ recently announced surgery and enforced break from performing, she will be replaced by the fabulous Storm Large for ‘The Symphonique Tour’ in Europe this Fall.

Thomas Lauderdale on Storm Large: “I always hoped we could find a way to collaborate. She is a brilliant, beautiful, charismatic and seductive star who would give Jayne Mansfield a run for her money. While we are disappointed that China is unable to perform with us, I am delighted be able to introduce Storm Large to European audiences.”

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“An Important Message From Pink Martini”

Dear Friends & Family,
It is with great concern we announce the news that our singer China Forbes must take an extended leave of absence of at least one year to undergo surgery on her vocal cords. China had initially discovered the injury to her voice earlier this year, and it was hoped that extreme vocal rest would heal her. But after careful consultation and on the advice from multiple specialists, she has made the difficult decision to move forward with surgery.

The heartfelt wishes and support of the entire Pink Martini family are with her as she undergoes surgery and recovery. Though it is difficult to predict exactly what the future will hold and how quickly she will be able to recover, we very much hope to welcome China back to the stage with Pink Martini as soon as her health permits, and we anticipate many more fruitful collaborations in the years to come.

Pink Martini will continue to tour and record music throughout China’s absence from the stage. We look forward to presenting our amazingly supportive and loyal fans many exciting collaborations with guest and interim vocalists over the next several months.

For our upcoming Summer 2011 tour of the US and Canada we will be joined by two amazing vocalists. The dazzling and charming Lucy Woodward, whose resume includes recordings for Verve Records and Warner Brothers, will take the stage with us from June 24 through July 3, and our good friend, collaborator, and extraordinary singer, Portland’s own Storm Large, will hit the road with us on our scheduled shows from July 4 through July 17. Singers for all subsequent performances will be announced as they are confirmed. We are truly excited to present these new singers to our fans, and are confident you will enjoy hearing our music with fresh ears.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

With lots of love,
Pink Martini

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Elvis Costello – “A Writer Speaks”

The Writing Life: Katey Schultz: 22nd June, 2011

“The band played for about two hours, effectively nonstop. For the last 40 minutes, 80% of the audience was on their feet, with perhaps 100 folks slammed up against the edge of the stage, bouncing and twitching to the beats”

“Sitting their watching Costello’s entire body vibrate with his art, infusing the crowd of thousands—ten-year-olds to seventy-year-olds—I had to admit that the road life can be pretty good to some artists. That some people make a life of it forever, so that home becomes movement and movement becomes second nature. And so of course, when “Pump It Up” came belting over the speakers in that telltale, sandpaper, distinct voice of his, I had only one thing to do: get up and dance.”

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“Elvis Costello takes fans for a songbook spin in Royal Oak”

The Oakland Press: Gary Graff: 21st June, 2011

Highlights included an emotive “I Want You,” “Doll Revolution,” “So Like Candy” (one of several songs Costello’s co-written with Paul McCartney), “New Lace Sleeves” and “Pills and Soap.” During one of the encores, meanwhile, he dipped into his recent Americana-flavored releases for the swinging “Sulphur to Sugarcane.”

As iconoclastic as he is iconic, Costello’s never been one to follow any sort of rules throughout his career. On Monday in Royal Oak, he continued to do it strictly on his own terms — which proved to be the best way indeed.


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Elvis Costello – “Wheel Spins A Memorable Evening”

The Columbus Dispatch: Gary Budzak: 20th June, 2011

“There were women dancing throughout the show in the go-go cage, and Costello himself even did a stint in it, and it reminded one of something out of Austin Powers or Laugh-In and worked as a gilded bird cage – at one point, Costello sang And Your Bird Can Sing from the Beatles’ Revolver album (the name of Costello’s tour, appropriately enough, was “The Revolver,” on its fourth stop).”

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Elvis Costello – “One of the best shows I have ever seen”

Rochester City Newspaper: Frank De Blase: 18th June, 2011

“After spinning the wheel guests were invited to sit in the mondo cool lounge and sip something blue in fancy stemware or dance in the go-go cage. This included one young lady — I’m guessing about 14 years old — that had some moves that I’m sure got her grounded later.”

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Elvis Costello – “From Our Cheese And Poetry Correspondent”

Democrat And Chronicle: Jeff Spevak: 18th June 2011

“Today’s jazz haiku

In rock, and life too,
the wheel is a funny game
loaded with jokers”

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“Elvis Costello’s Spinning Songbook is a win-win”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Scott Mervis: 17th June, 2011

Then, Elvis ran off, changed and returned in the guise of game-show host Napoleon Dynamite, promising “songs about love, songs about sex, songs about death, and dancing, but not necessarily in that order.” The first spin, in the rain, from Katie, came up on the “You Tripped At Every Step,” and so it went, with “Every Day I Write the Book” from Haley, and old frat-rock fave “Pump it Up” (a Joker “request” spin from Amy).

In the end, we were all winners of the Spinning Songbook, lucky to witness an artist who, through the course of two and a half hours and 30 songs, managed to be charming, funny, nimble, disturbing and very rock ‘n’ roll.
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“Talented Costello Keeps Crowd Thrilled”

Pittsburgh Tribune: Rege Behe: June 17th, 2011

The wheel landed on some rare gems, notably “Silky Girl” and “Party Girl.”

All of the audience participants were female — including an adorable 11-year-old named Lily — save one guy named Jack from Cleveland who was greeted with a round of boos. He also admitted he skipped out from work to attend the show. Guess what Jack? You’re busted, but perhaps his song, “Spooky Girlfriend” was compensation enough.

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